Windows 8.1 Update has brought some promising features like the private browsing in Internet Explorer. When we surf internet, many information of the browsing session are stored in various folders like temporary files, browser history, cookies and others. If you want to keep the information private you have to clear the session history and related information. But the new private browsing feature that has been incorporated into Windows 8.1 Update prevents Internet Explorer from storing information about the session. This feature is called InPrivate browsing.

How to open a private browser tab on Windows Phone 8.1

To use InPrivate browsing first of all open Internet Explorer and click the Tabs button located to the left of the address bar. The Tab button shows all the tabs that are currently open in the browser. Next click the three dots located on the lower right corner to reveal more options. Then tap on ‘new in private tab’. So you are done. The InPrivate tab will explain you how it works but in brief.

So Windows 8.1 Update got a great job done that’s relieving us from the hectic job of manually deleting the browing session data.


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