There is a new member added in the list of organizations that paid large amount to Microsoft to extend the Windows XP support. Microsoft recently called it quits their 12 year old Windows XP that was once a major landmark to every companies and banking systems. But now that Microsoft wants organizations to adapt Windows 8 OS, most of the organizations now pays huge amounts to Microsoft to extend their service.

IRS is reportedly paying Microsoft millions for Windows XP support

Major global banks, UK government and now IRS is ready to pay millions of dollars to Microsoft. Windows XP was withdrawn on April 9, 2014 and Engadget reports that across the Atlantics, IRS is funding MS to get extended support until they upgrade their system.

Half of the systems of the IRS runs Windows XP computers and now they are planning to upgrade to Windows 7 version. The global leads hands over millions of dollars to keep up the legacy IT systems.


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