When Microsoft unveiled its Windows 10 and skipped Windows 9 in the series everyone started expecting a major overhaul; and they do tweaked a few things and came up with some very good features. Satya Nadella’s ‘Mobile-first, Cloud-first’ vision conveys the impression of Microsoft’s ambition of bringing its mobile devices to fore. Did they provide anything that will force people to switch to Windows Phone!

Now will you buy a Windows Phone?

A personal assistant – Cortana

Cortana is a competitor for Android’s Google Now and Apple’s Siri, so it can also give weather updates, track trips, answer your queries. Cortana is powered by Bing and can seamlessly integrate with other apps through APIs. One more major change is that it can be started by a search button now.

Abandoned Internet explorer

Leaving behind internet explorer, might help in gaining some traction. SPARTAN the new browser is lighter, faster and friendlier. The browser can be used for note-taking, sharing and will also be integrated with Cortana.

Integration in Windows Phone

Microsoft has not done enough to support ‘Mobile-first, Cloud –first’, but they are also trying to create a fully function windows ecosystem, like apple, where all you will need is Windows. Photos and documents on OneDrive can be easily accessed from any device. Skype will also integrate with the messaging app now. Microsoft office has also been updated and is now more mobile friendly, it is a good take-away for people who are hooked to their phones for all their work. Also various windows devices will be able to share information more easily.


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