Nokia launched an application called HERE Maps App with the Windows 8.1 based Nokia 2520 tablet in November. Now Nokia will provide this app in all of its Windows 8.1 devices and the app is guaranteed to work excellent.

Nokia releases HERE Maps App for all Windows 8.1 devices

HERE Maps application is a mapping and global positioning app that helps you to find maps for 196 countries. You can get information about drive, public transport and turn-by turn walk directions in addition to real-time traffic information. Other features include Public transport lines and Satellite maps. The app has not yet been launched in all Windows 8.1 Phones of Nokia but soon it will.

For now only the coverage will be over North America and Europe. The app will be fast, would take less time to load and high resolution satellite images will be available. Moreover, the app is designed to accomplish touch screen support and search history would help you check your mostly visited areas. Nokia says the boost in performance is due to “the use of progressive rendering and some clever optimizations to the data transfers.”


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