Windows Phone 8.1 has come to handful number of users from some regions around the world and the good news that arrived is the update will come globally as soon as possible. Windows Phone 8.1 has brought plenty of new features and the OTAs have been getting distributed but the build brought plenty of information on new customization, major changes to be implemented and more.

New Windows Phone 8.1 lockscreen experience beta gets an ETA

Today, Joe Belfiore tweeted, “Lockscreen app- sorry for being quiet. The beta (English, 1gb+) is ALMOST here, perhaps a week. We hit a few snags & added a feature.”

Joe said that the lockscreen changes that has been in talks will arrive as a separate app and wont be incorporated as a built in feature. This is of course a great advantage as it would increase the flexibility in customization level. it also says that devices with 1 GB RAM and only English support will not be able to avail it. Belfiore announces new features to be added although not clear what they are but in due time we will surely get to know.


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