With news that Microsoft is no more interested in promoting Nokia or Windows Phone since it will promote only Windows, there have been Windows app videos which gives us a hint about the new transition. For the launch of a new smartphone, Microsoft has released a few promotional videos to show the various apps and syncing between the Windows devices with very inadequate reference to Windows Phone. All through the video the highlight was on ‘Windows’ apps which could be run on any Windows devices.

Microsoft has made such a decision to focus mainly on its Lumia smartphones and “Windows apps” only thereby creating a single platform for all its devices. Thus with the upcoming Windows 9, the operating system will be designed to be compatible with both smartphones and tablets and desktops with a single OS since Microsoft will not be promoting three separate operating systems for desktops, smartphones and tablets as well.
The video speaks more of the apps which can be used across all the Microsoft devices than the phone. Thus we can see how much effort Microsoft is putting in rebranding. Though it will take us time to get convinced so we can just wait and see how the company will implement this change.

Source: WM PowerUser



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