‘Sunset Overdrive’ the next big offering of Xbox One game set is expected to release next month. And as of now, Microsoft has released a live trailer of the game and it’s just outlandishly awesome. The main motive of this trailer is to give people an idea about the madness and craziness of the game.

Sunset Overdrive

The game, from Ratchet & Clank series developer Insomniac Games, focuses on the employee of a soda company who battles humans who turn into monsters by consuming an energy drink. The action game will feature park our-style movement on zip-lines and grind rails as well as unique weapons, such as a teddy bear rocket launcher. ‘Sunset Overdrive’ will release in North America on 28th October while Europe release will be on 31st October. Xbox Gamers will definitely grab this pie as soon as it gets available in stores.



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