The new touch friendly MS office has peeped through the internet via leaks and we get a good glimpse of what it can be. Microsoft already showed the different facets of the new Office that would come at Build 2014. On May 14, Microsoft gave a presentation which described the different Office tools. The new version will enable use if stylus in a more interactive manner.

The new Touch friendly MS Office

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Lync and other tools were shown in the video. The new touch friendly Office Suite is code named as “Gemini concept version of Word”. The new Office was seen at 20:50 of the video along with other apps. Next week the new Surface Mini will be launched which will be equipped with a stylus. So it’s quite obvious that the apps would play a major role. We are not sure if the updated Office will accompany Surface Mini, we can understand that the tablet is surely compatible with the new update.

The screenshots seen here represent the appearance of the Touch friendly Office. The video launched by Microsoft Research shows the extensive use of the stylus and its great compatibility with the new touch friendly devices in current line up.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


  1. hi nick
    I installed more then 30 pc win 8.1 on domain network
    all my software are web bases like as CRM and shrepoint and on the client pc we just installed office 2013 and wordk mostly with outlook 2013
    but after it all user profiles was crashed and when restart a pc windows can’t know the userprofile of any domain users ?
    please help
    do you know any way to fix it ?
    great thanks
    Best regards :

    • Hi Kuresh,
      As you are talking about Domain Computing, it is clear that you are dealing with Windows 8 Enterprise edition not Pro edition. When you log in to any connected domain PC using COMPANYNAME\USERID the system will sync the login credentials/privileges of that user, so for any corrupted user profile delete the user data (C:\Users\USERNAME) on local PC from admin user and the re login on that local PC using the same domain user credential. It will freshly set up the system for that domain user.


  2. Hi Nick
    thanks for great useful reply
    you’re right
    But this cause to delete all old user profile data
    and makes to create a fresh user profile name ?
    so how can I recovery old user profile data ?
    Please Explain more about how to recovery old data of the last time user was loged in ?
    great thanks
    please forgive me because of my bad english talking
    Best Regards :

  3. and Bout the Edtion of windows , the server is 2012 R2 with update 1
    and client are in Windows 8.1 Enterprise with Update 1 Edition
    all are in latest Update !!!
    we Try It before on windows 8 about a year ago but windows 8 couldn’t work on domain network completely so we came back on win 7
    but no again decided to try it on windows 8.1 Enterprise update 1
    it seems it can’t work completely and perfectly like as windows 7
    please help if you know any way to fix it
    Best Regards :

    • Hi Kuresh,
      I guess you have problem with a particular login account. Suppose 5 users use a client PC named ‘d-admin-00123’ user. Administrator should have privilege to log into any client PC. Using admin account (COMPANYNAME/ADMIN) you may log in to that ‘d-admin-00123’ PC and in C:\Users\ location you will see the User folder of all those 5 users, who use that PC. Just copy those folders to an external HDD. Then delete those folders from C:\Users\ location (or delete only the folder of that user which is corrupted). Then ask those users to login to that PC. It will create fresh User folders for them. Then Merge user folver from external HDD with newly created User folders.



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