Whatsapp is one of the most popular messenger service which has got this new History Settings with Windows 8 OS. It’s unnecessary to store so many messages in memory and waste space unnecessarily. Previously what you could do to get rid of conversations is to permanently delete the conversation, but this new history settings let you select date or a span of time. So you don’t have to delete the entire conversation.

History Settings for Whatsapp

This functionality comes with the beta version of the application (2.11.309). When you want to use this history setting, go to Settings of Whatsapp, and click on Clear All conversations. Then you will be provided with three options to select.

The three options are all, older than 30 days, older than 6 months. After you select one, you will be asked for confirmation. Tap Yes to continue or No, if you wish to Cancel. But to remember one thing, this setting clears messages from all threads or all contacts and not individual or a specific contact. So if you do not want to clear all conversations, you have to do it manually for the specific thread. The new feature has not yet been released but we are hopeful to get it as soon as possible.


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