Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Technical Preview version for Windows Phones and many new exciting features have made way along with it. One of the most promising features that you are bound to love are the all new Actionable Notifications. Actionable notifications are a special feature where users can reciprocate to a notification without getting interrupted from the app he/she is working on.

Actionable Notifications

Actionable Notifications have made its introduction with iOS 8 but this is the first inception in Windows Phones. For e.g if you are using a Map application while being on the road, a text might come from the friend whom you are going to meet. In general what we are bound to do, is to exit the app, answer the text and then open the app back again. But with Actionable Notifications, the notification will simply appear on your screen and you can reply to the text without the need to exit from any app.

The feature is simply superb but one limitation is there. The feature is absolutely dependent on the developers. This means you won’t be able to enjoy the feature with every application. Actionable Notifications will be available with apps which permit the feature.


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