Java and minecraft

For a hot second, it seemed like the Java version of Minecraft wasn’t going to receive any further updates which would have forced players to convert to the bedrock version, which is not as simple as it seems. But with 176 million copies of the game sold, it wouldn’t have been a great idea for developers to cut out the Java leg. Apart from the various updates that also make Minecraft one of the top games for Windows, it’s garnered cult status among players worldwide. Java players can look forward to some pretty neat additions. 

Taking The Buzz Out Of Beekeeping 

Bees are a strange new addition to the world of Minecraft. As a neutral mob, players don’t need to fear any interference from the bees unless they provoke them. The bees are an integral part of the survival of the world and killing them wouldn’t benefit players in any way. In fact, not only will they slow down their progress, but they will also get a nasty sting. For those who need to introduce bees to their part of the biome, it’s important to ensure that you cultivate the prettiest flowers. Players can also harvest the honey from the hives. 

A Prettier Minecraft 

As recently reported by JavaPipe, players can soon expect real-time ray tracing on Windows Minecraft. While this addition is looking to roll out for the bedrock edition as it’s targeted at Windows 10 users, the quality of the graphics will largely depend on the user’s graphics card. As this is an online game that relies on the speed of the connection, suitable hosting needs to be secured. Whether this option will roll out to the other Java-supported versions as well, remains to be seen. However, those using the other versions will not want to feel left out of the loop, which means developers will need to work hard to extend this option beyond Windows 10. 

Will Super Duper Graphics Materialize? 

The short answer is no. This is a point of contention for Minecraft gamers across the world and has also been a long-term promise from these developers. In 2017, the Super Duper Graphics Pack hinted at an overhaul of the blocky graphics of the game, however, developers have decided to scrap the idea entirely, as it would demand too many resources. Instead, they offer Java players some enhancements to their game which does add some neat features to the graphics, albeit not at the Super Duper level. 

Minecraft is a beloved game enjoyed by millions of fans across the world, despite its blocky graphics and seemingly basic game premise. Thanks to constant development and updates, however, the various facets of this intriguing world becomes more layered, ensuring that no two people have exactly the same experience. 



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