In Minecraft world each world is unique and different from one another. This uniqueness has a parameter, the seed value. Unless the seed value is same for two worlds, they will never be the same. Minecraft’s algorithm is designed in such a way that the seed value is used as an origin point to create the rest of world. So, this is a round about way to get hold of a world that that has specific biomes that you’d like to play in. So, you can extract the seed value of your world and share it with your friends. If you yourself have generated a world on Minecraft, you can let other players play in it with your own seed value. For that, you have to find out the seed value.
In the following article, we shall show you how to find the seed value for a Minecraft world on Windows 10.

Steps To Find The Seed Value For A Minecraft World On Windows 10

1. First, open Minecraft and click on the Play button on the main screen. You can find the usual list of worlds that you’ve created. Now, click on the edit button next to a world.


2. The settings screen will open. Scroll down and find out the Seed value. Note down for your future references. You can share this seed value with others. Any user can use this seed value to create the exact same world.


3. If the app is an older or Java versions or Java versions of the app, you may not see this field. For those apps, you have to enter console commands within the game. With these commands you can enable cheats. The commands are as follows:

/world seed




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