Microsoft has decided to take strong stand against ID Theft and online online scams with the help of AARP. It has been reported that often online scammers call at land phones or mobiles of old people informing them of some potential threat in their computers. The old people, unaware of technological details often fall prey of these scammers and end up spending hundreds of dollars for cleaning their system. A statistical value has shown that over 3 billion people pay over 1 billion to online scammers. Out of these 3 billion people, the majority are senior citizens. Thus Microsoft has taken up the resolution to fight online scams.

Microsoft works with AARP to fight ID Theft and online scams

The Redmond based company has deployed 300 hosts from AARP. These online scam agencies use names of companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook in order to earn credibility and thus exploit people’s moneym last year Microsoft received 175,000 complaints about technical support issues which were actually part of the online scams and thefts.

Now comes the interesting part. Frank Abagnale, the legendary fraudster is currently ARP’s Fraud Watch Network Ambassador and theft expert. Years back, Leonardo DiCaprio, in the movie, “Catch Me If You Can” played the role kd Abagnale. Abagnale cam identify how scammers work and how they deal with older people in order to gain thei trust. The scammers easily get access to their computers which costs them several hundreds of dollars. It’s a bit ironical that a yesteryear fraudstar has been appointed to catch the present fraudsters.


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