Ever since the historic launch of Windows 10 operating system, Windows users are looking forward to the Microsoft Threshold 2 with great enthusiasm. It was speculated that the Threshold 2 will roll out by November 2015 and the speculation is turning into reality. As per reports, Microsoft Threshold Update 2 will release on November 2, 2015 for consumers. The new update will bring a plethora of additional features to the operating system that were originally slated for the RTM.

Microsoft Windows Threshold 2 update

Microsoft Threshold 2 will incorporate a Messaging application that will consolidate your Skype chats, text messages, something that Google Hangout has done. The difference between Hangouts and the upcoming messaging app of Microsoft Threshold 2 is that the latter one will be integrated fully with Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant. Besides this, Microsoft Edge will get some additional extensions which will roll out in the next year.

Microsoft Threshold 2 will inculcate numerous customization options such adding an extra column to the Start and enable coloured title-bars. Threshold 2 will be available to Windows 10 as an automatic update but the date of launch can change, however.


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