Microsoft is seriously removing apps from its Windows Store in order to clear up the unending junk apps that have already piled up with time. The accumulation of the junk apps in Windows Stores dates back to the time when Windows 8 was released. At that time, Windows 8 had severe scarcity of apps and Microsoft had to fill up the void quickly. Hence it accepted all the apps whose codes compiled correctly in their system. As a result, the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store turned into a bin of deceptive apps. Many of the apps were paid apps without any proper reason.

Microsoft vigorously cleaning up its Windows Store resulting in removal of many quality apps

There was a high possibility that a Windows user might end up getting distracted with junk apps instead of the real ones. Now Windows 10 is knocking the door and we all know that Microsoft has chalked out the plan of having one billion users in the next three years. hence Microsoft is vigorously cleaning the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store removing apps which are not meeting their quality parameter.

Even though this approach is quite beneficial for the users, it has stared showing its flip side too. Microsoft has also removed several apps for not meeting the company’s quality parameter even though the app had an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars. A developer who chose to withhold his identity said that Microsoft removed his app even though it had been downloaded more than 10k times and had 100+ ratings. However, Brandon, creator of the ‘Upload to YouTube’ app also had his application pulled down after the company said “the app does not offer customers unique content, differentiated creative value or utility”. But as a matter of fact Google has refused to provide the YouTube support for Microsoft’s environment and hence the third party app by Brandon had great utility.

It seems Microsoft wants its app store to get loaded with more royal apps and henxe clearing up its inventory like hell.


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