Microsoft has showcases several budget Windows devices in the recent days and the company utilized the recently held World Wide Partner Conference, Orlando Florida to showcase another low budget Windows 10 device. The name of the device is Acer Aspire One Cloudbook. If you are having a feeling of dejavu reading the name, then let me tell you that Acer launched a synonymous device Aspire One in 2008 which had Windows XP Home Edition.

Microsoft unveils new Acer Windows 10 Cloudbook

The Aspire One Cloudbook will come with Windows 10 pre-installed. Cloudbook will be available in two sizes- the 11 inches and the 14 inches models. Both the models will go on sale from the middle of August 2015. Not much detail could be furnished at this time but the price tag of Cloudbook is pretty amazing.

The pricing will start from $169 inclduimh Windows 10 which is bound to surprise many users. The device is surely going to give the low range Chromebooks a real competition. But as far as reports say, you’ll not get too many sophisticated features at such a low price. Since the Aspire One Cloudbook will go on sale within a month, we expect to extract more news about it very soon.


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