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A new report has landed up in the tech world and it’s something you cannot miss. Microsoft is conjectured to be working on the open source Chromium project for renovating the Edge browser. The Google Chrome web browser is built on the open-source Chromium project. The news comes from Windows Central who gives authentic news updates about Microsoft and Windows platform. According to reports, Microsoft is no more, content with the performance of EdgeHTML Engine. The EdgeHTML engine is the driving engine behind Edge browser and Microsoft is rumored to be planning for a paradigm shift from EdgeHTML to Chromium Project.

Right now, it cannot be said, if Microsoft is planning to kill the Edge browser completely and working on building a different web browser or just change the underlying technology. Microsoft has recently submitted the Chromium Project to gain support for Windows 10 on ARM.

To add, there will be several new changes in the rules for applications that are submitted to the Microsoft Store. Previously, it was mandatory for apps to give a EdgeHtML base for eligibility in the Microsoft Store. If the change we are talking about, is evident, then it is very likely that Google will be able to submit Chrome browser to the Microsoft Store as well.

The Codename for the project is Anaheim, named after an important city in California. The first name that was thought, at first, was Mountain view which did not click. The name then changed to Anaheim. You can expect to see the Chromium-based browser of Microsoft in 19H1 development. So, do not be surprised if you get the next feature update to Windows 10.


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