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With the first release of Windows 10 back in 2015, Microsoft introduced to the world its first comprehensive operating system. The system is capable of running on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and even Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Windows 10 brought to users plenty of features that helped increase productivity and efficiency, along with a new browser and improved security features.

For your business, Windows 10 Enterprise brings a familiar user interface that works on smartphones, tablets and PCs. In addition, welcome parallels to Windows 7, including the start menu on the desktop, help you feel like an expert within a short time.

Furthermore, 2-in-1 devices offer you the opportunity to choose between working in tablet and desktop mode interchangeably by switching between touch and keyboard. Here are three other key features and benefits of Windows 10 for your business.

Defense Against New Security Threats

In the business world today, security risks are growing in significance. Windows 10 offers you a set of new techniques that keep your system and data protected. Largely, the operating system is developed to protect your identities, devices and data, especially for governments and companies around the world.

Further, Windows 10 features an integrated defense protocol that keeps critical business data against theft, indiscretion, and separating your personal and business data. Furthermore, Windows 10 works with numerous third-party tools like log management software to enforce data security. Technologies like Device Guard and Secure Boot ensure you have protection right from the moment you switch on your device.

An example of Windows 10 security features include Windows Hello, which offers you a personal means of signing in to your devices with just a touch or look. Windows Information Protection (WIP) helps keep your business data protected against potential leaks without interfering with an employee’s experience. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) provides you with the preventative protection that detects zero-day exploits and a centralized end-to-end security management portal.

Easy Working Across Devices

windows 10

One of the greatest benefits of running Windows 10 in your organization is its ability to allow you to work across multiple devices seamlessly. The main idea Microsoft had was to create an operating system that runs on laptop, tablet, smartphone and even gaming consoles. Through a feature called Continuum, you can stop a task mid-way on one device and pick up where you left on another without any delays or issues.

With Enterprise E3 and E5 per user Windows 10 licenses, any devices that run Windows 10 Pro (version 1703) have access Window 10’s Semi-Annual Channel with up to five devices for every user. When a licensed user logs in to a device meeting Azure AD credentials the OS turns from Windows 10 Pro to Enterprise and all Windows 10 Enterprise features unlocked!

Software Assurance (SA) Benefits

Windows to Go provides you with a complete installation of Windows 10 on a USB drive that’s useable with any USB-bootable PC and prevents access to the local host drives. Another SA benefit is the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) that manages, secures and monitors your devices.

Every Microsoft product license features an active Software Assurance that is upgradable to the latest version at no extra cost to your business. For instance, if there is a new Windows version released during your agreement term, all your licenses are upgraded automatically upgraded to the version.


For many businesses, Windows 10 is a viable solution. The end user benefits from the familiarity of Windows 7 but with enhanced security and a better user interface. For IT, the OS offers a far more robust identity and security management option packed with greater intelligence.


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