We are noticing since many days that Microsoft is giving special attention on Skype and extending its functionality beyond just a video conferencing application. Recently, Microsoft announced that it plans to integrate Skype with Outlook.com. Now Skype is adding the built-in Translator in it.

Microsoft to add built-in Translator in Skype application

The Skype Translator,to be launched by Microsoft, will translate the chat messages to the language script preferred by the user. So language will be no more a barrier for Skype users speaking different languages. The script is is translated and delivered to you in almost real time. The increased functionality is surely attracting more users.

Microsoft has opened the Beta version of this Skype Translator and plans to provide the feature to more and more users. Microsoft said that since the launch of the Beta version of Skype Translator, the use of the feature has increased by 300%.

As of now, the preview versions is supporting translation for four spoken languages – English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin – along with 50 written languages. More languages will be added soon


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