Microsoft has been religiously trying to upgrade and ameliorate the Edge browser, with new features and technologies. All such new features undergo strenuous testing methods, first in the Developer channel, then in the Beta channel before being finally made available to the public. For example, users can now open Office files directly on Edge browser. So, this is indeed a great addition. Now, the interesting part is the ongoing math solver project they are working on.

According to reports, engineers and developers at Microsoft are testing a math solver on Edge Canary. A Reddit user named Leopeva64-2 reported that Microsoft is testing this Math solver on Edge Canary. There will be a button the browser, to be named math solver.

When you launch the math solver on Edge Canary browser, you will have two options- Drag and resize and Type the math problem. The first option lets you screen capture the math problem using the Snippet tool. The second option lets you type the problem on the screen.

Credit: Leopeva64-2

Check out the gif above, to get an idea of how it will work. Even though it is in testing phase, and the final outcome may vary from this one, but still the skeleton will be the same. Now, academicians, students can get help on solving math problems on the go, without having to check math tutorials, wikipedia, wolfram, etc.


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