Regardless of the scale and type of your upcoming printing project, the tips to getting the preparation right remain the same. And so whether you are a large corporation or a small business or perhaps even just preparing a local community newsletter, the importance on getting the prep right is key. A failure to prepare well will result in errors, expensive mistakes and a waste of resources, none of which are going to help you to deliver on your project. With this in mind, here is what you should keep in mind when planning a print project.

Knowing Your Audience

Any print strategy must be created with the audience in mind. This means ensuring that the style of the project, the colors used and even the material used, fit in with exactly what your customers would expect. Business owners should also keep in mind the branding which they have and to create something in line with what their reputation says about them. For example, printing business cards which use different colors and fonts from what your audience is used to will have a very confusing effect.

DIY or Outsource

Whilst many prefer to outsource their printing requirements, it may actually be more convenient to manage this in-house, especially if these projects will continue in the future. The price of production printers from Konica Minolta for example showcase that the cost of investing in top-quality printing does not have to be astronomical. This may also provide a more convenient option going forward. Some however prefer the professionalism which outsourcing can give them, so you’ll have to weigh up these choices. 

Which Medium to Use

Once you have a clear understanding of who you are presenting this information to, and the kind of message which you wish to convey; it is time to start thinking about the medium which you will use. Let’s say that you are launching a marketing campaign for your business, it will be critical that you consider which method would reach your customers best. Perhaps you will be creating large posters to place around the locality of the business, or maybe you feel that direct delivery of fliers would be a better option. There are so many options when it comes to getting your message across, the key is working out which is right for you and your customers. 

Budget Planning

Budget is also going to be important here and staying within the budget you have is why we have to prepare well in the first place. Your budget structure will dictate how much you spend on volume of production and what materials will be used. To work out the budget you must consider not only what you have to spend, but also what this printing project may bring in as return on investment. 

Invest a good amount of time in preparing for your print project. In doing so you can ensure that you pick the perfect medium and that you avoid falling into traps which could cost you money. 



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