A month back, the Redmond based tech giant Microsoft said that the company is focusing on Focused Inbox feature that prioritizes important emails. The Focussed Inbox feature is currently available only on iOS and Android. it was well anticipated that the feature will make its way to other platforms as well. now Microsoft has announced that Focussed Inbox is coming to Windows 10. Moreover it added that the company is trying to figure out a way to offer parity between iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10. The new feature will highlight on “emails that matter most”.

Microsoft says Focussed Inbox Feature to be coming to Windows 10

Now that Microsoft has announced its plan to bring Focussed Inbox feature to Windows 10, it has also updated its blog post from July and added release dates of when the feature may roll out for all its platforms. It has been reported that Office 365 First Release users will be getting the feature in “late October”. Other than this, worldwide rollout will hit by 4–6 weeks. Then after the global release, Standard Release users will get Focussed Inbox in mid-to-late November, which will take “6-8 weeks”. From then, users will be able to see the Focused Inbox in Outlook for Mac, iOS, Android and the web immediately. This new feature will be made available to both Outlook Mail on Windows 10 PCs and Mobile devices, as well as Outlook 2016 for Windows. However, these platforms will also get the update sometime in November. Here is the full statement from Microsoft:

“Office 365 First Release users will become Focused Inbox enabled starting in late October. Worldwide rollout will take 4 – 6 weeks. Office 365 Standard Release users will be enabled in mid to late November and will take 6-8 weeks to be available worldwide. Once enabled, users will be able to see the Focused Inbox in Outlook for Mac, iOS, Android and the web immediately. Outlook 2016 for Windows and Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile will show the Focused Inbox in November.”


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