Microsoft Research has been finding way to make you funnier than before while chatting over internet with its Computer Aided Humor which will automatically suggest you memes to insert in the chat. The Computer Aided Humor will track your chat and suggest you memes which will be appropriate to insert in that situation. Suppose you are bored and you have typed similar sentences in you chat, the Computer Aided Humor may suggest you something like this:

Computer Aided Humor

So now you get the concept behind this Computer Aided Humor. The CAH and human created texts will collaborate in giving a better chatting experiences. The research team at Microsoft has started a chat service locally known as the CAHOOTS. The researchers are presently working on this chat service. CAHOOTS will suggest you memes relative your your chat texts and will insert them with the aid of a humor bot.

The researchers reported that the users who have used the Computer Aided Humor through CAHOOTS, have literally enjoyed the features and have found chatting more interesting. According to the paper published by Microsoft, “Computer-Aided Humor offers an example of how systems can algorithmically augment human intelligence to create rich, creative experiences.”

As the paper concluded,

The interaction between human and computer and their ability to riff off one another creates interesting synergies and fun conversations. What CAHOOTS demonstrates is that the current artificial intelligence limitations associated with computational humor may be sidestepped by an interface that naturally involves humans. A possible application of CAH would be an add-on to existing chat clients or Facebook/Twitter comment box that helps individuals incorporate funny images in computer-mediated communication.

Source: OMG U R FUNNY!


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