Microsoft has released a Beta version of Windows Translator 10 for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Since the app is in Beta, it is ought to have bugs and instability. Other than that, Translator 10 has brought a wide variety of features. Apart from translating words from one language to another, Windows Translator 10 will enable you to translate sentences or words captured by camera. This is an extremely helpful feature for travellers or people who often visit foreign countries. If you find any sign board, hoaridng or text, you can simppy capture its image and Windows Translator will translate it in your preferred language.

Microsoft releases Translator 10 Beta for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

Check out the features below:

Text translation – Enter text to translate into one of 50 languages and scripts.
Camera translation – Point your camera at signs, menus, newspapers — any printed text in 19 languages and scripts — then tap to see the translation.

Voice translation – Translate by speaking one of 10 languages into your phone.

Offline translation – Download a translation pack so you can translate even when you’re offline — handy when you’re traveling and you want to avoid expensive data roaming charges.

Text-to-speech – Hear translations from a native speaker.

History, search & favorites – Your translations are saved, so you can search through your history to find them later. Mark translations as favorites to find them even more quickly.

Word of the Day – Learn a new word or phrase everyday by pinning Translator to Start.

The app can be used and downloaded from Windows Store but as far as news are concerned, Windows Translator will replace the Bing Translator.


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