Microsoft has purchased 10 million synthetic DNA from Twist Bioscience in order to encode digital data. Twist Bioscience is a company that researches and works on synthesis of high quality DNA and their implementation in digital data encoding. Digital Data is all that are being used in every computing device across the world across companies. So data storage is an integral part of digital data and the main limitation of digital data is its finite shelf life.

Microsoft purchases 10 million synthetic DNA for generating powerful data storage

DNA is one most reliable and efficient storage media that has shelf life of several thousand years. Synthetic DNA offers a permanent storage format and can be read for continuously decreasing costs. “Our silicon-based DNA synthesis platform offers unmatched scale and product quality that vastly accelerates the ability to write DNA at a cost enabling data storage. We are thrilled to work with Microsoft, and University of Washington researchers, to address the growing challenge of digital data storage”, said Emily M. Leproust, Ph.D., CEO of Twist Bioscience.

Digital Data needs to be encoded periodically and DN storage saves that time. It provides a permanent solultion to the problem. With the rapid growth of computer technology and internet, the amount of digital data are doubling approximately every two years. So the need for stronger storage media has also become necessary. The affordable and powerful technology of DNA sequencing have been made to merge with the scalability of Twist Bioscience’s silicon-based DNA synthesis technique. It’s pretty amazing that the oldest lifeform DNA has been deployed as the most feasible and viable option for data storage. DNA data storage could last up to 2,000 years without deterioration according to a recent presentation at the American Chemical Society. In addition, a single gram of DNA can store almost a one trillion gigabytes (almost a zettabyte) of digital data.


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