Owing to the increasing popularity of Windows 10 and the enthusiastic approach of Microsoft towards ameliorating the operating system, big companies are now bringing Apps exclusively for Windows 10. Facebook has introduced Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Windows 10 Apps. The new apps are optimized especially for Windows 10 and they will load faster with great features.

 Messenger and Instagram Windows 10 Apps

Windows 10 App for Facebook

Facebook Windows 10 Apps contains updated features and is optimized to run faster than the desktop applications. Users have used Facebook, Messenger and Instagram desktop application before also but the Windows 10 Apps will provide them better experience in every sense.User will get Desktop Notifications from the new Facebook Live Tile will push all the notifications, messages from your friends and latest posts from your favorite Pages. The facebook app, fast and efficient can be accessed from a single tap on the Start Menu. You can easily share photos to Facebook straight from your favorite apps or File Explorer.

Messenger and Instagram Windows 10 Apps

Messenger App for Windows 10

The messenger app functionalities are well known to users and need no extra explanation. The Messenger app for Windows 10 will stuff you with a plethora of stickers and gifs to make your conversations all the more interesting. Besides, the notifications on your desktop from the Apps keep you updated about all the important messages left for you from your friends. The messenger app will also get a Live Tile on your Start screen.

Istagram Windows 10 Mobile App

The new Instagram app for Windows 10 will bring the app’s prime features to with Windows 10 Mobile with all of the community’s favorite features. The most wanted features that have been induced into the app are Instagram Direct, Explore and video.

The apps are on their way to the respective Windows Stores.


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