Microsoft has announced in its blog post that the HoloLens Development Edition has started its pre-order sale and shipment of the headsets will schedule from March 30, 2016. According to the Redmond based tech giant, the HoloLens Development Edition is a new milestone as it aims on creating a bridge between commercial partnership and developers support.

Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition starts pre-order sale

HoloLens is powered by the latest and advanced Windows 10 operating system. HoloLens is such a computer that has broken the stereotype of two dimensional computers and delves deep into the virtual reality in order to bring a device that can reflect our real world. Microsoft wrote in its blog, “The investments that developers have made in our Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps will carry forward. With Windows, apps to be used by holograms are Universal Windows apps and all Universal Windows apps can be made to work on Windows holographic. Similarly, holographic apps in the Windows Store can be monetized in the same way that all other UWP apps are today.”

HoloLens Development Edition is a standalone computer that is actually a headset but works untethered without the aid of any PC. It creates holographic computing without any markers, external cameras, wires or phones. The device runs a lot of sensors to keep track of the environment and runs on a custom-built Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) and an Intel 32-bit architecture. The HPU is a silicon that helps the HoloLens gestures and gaze while mapping the world all around you, all in real time. While the sensors senses the environment surrounding the device, the cameras capture high definition images that you can share with people who don’t own a HoloLens.

The key to a great holographic experience is holograms that are light point rich, i.e., they have a high holographic density and are pinned, or anchored, to the world around you. To achieve this, HoloLens has been designed for optimal holographic density of 2.5K radiants. The more radiants and light points there are, the brighter and richer the holograms become.

Source: Microsoft


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