In Windows 10, the hibernate mode is enabled by default. The Hibernate mode is the power saving mode for computers that run on batteries like the laptops. This mode is not a requirement for desktop users, as they run on power supplies and UPS. Hibernation puts the full current state of your PC to the hiberfile (C:\hiberfil.sys) and then turns off your computer. Hibernate mode is slower as compared to sleep but consumes less power than Sleep Mode. The size of the hiberfil.sys is usually 75% of your RAM. If your computer’s RAM size is not so large, and you want to reduce the size, then you have to run a simple command in the elevated command prompt. Remember that the minimum size of the hiberfil.sys has to be 50%. Check out the article below.

Steps to reduce hibernate hiberfil.sys file size in Windows 10

1. Press Win+X OR right click on the Start Button. Now go to Command Prompt (Admin) to open the Elevated Command Prompt.

elevated command prompt

2. If you want to reduce Hiberfile.sys size to 50%, then type the following command and hit Enter.

powercfg -h -size 50
Note: the number 50 can be replaced by any number depending on your requirement. But you cannot make it less than 50. 50 is the minimum value you can set!

reduce hiberfile

That’s all!


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