Satya Nadella, the leading man of Microsoft is originally from Hyderabad, India. He became the third CEO of Microsoft and since then this visit will be his first visit to India. However the news is not official but if you are wondering why he is visiting India, the reason is definitely business events.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella visiting India on Sept 30th

Nadella is reportedly coming to India for two events. One event is organized in Delhi by Nasscom which will take place on September 30th. Windows 9 will be unpacked on the next day. According to sources, another major reason behind his business trip is to analyse factors that relates to lack of impetus among women of India to adapt with technology. This endeavor is surely a great one. Lastly, he will pay a visit to his hometown. That’s a brief about his trip to India. Nadella, the energetic CEO of Microsoft loves interaction with the world and talks about his plans, vision and projects. He is also reported to be paying a visit to China soon to settle issues of trust that has refrained China from using Microsoft products. He will also talk about the alarming rate of piracy of Windows OS in China.


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