After about three and a half months from the date of Windows 10 launch, Microsoft has brought the first major update for Windows 10 today. The update has been rolled out for the United States now and will roll out later on for other regions also. A plethora of new features have been brought in order to ameliorate the operating system in terms of performance, browsing, Cortana, security and many more.

Microsoft brings the First Major Update for Windows 10 today

As claimed by Microsoft, the performance of the first major update for Windows 10 will boost the performance upto 30% compared to that of Windows 7 running on the very same device. A massive improvement has been brought in Cortana also. In Windows tablets which have pen accessory, Cortana can use the device pen to make notes with Cortana Notebook, recognize email and phone numbers and remind you to message, mail or call your acquaintances. The new improved Cortana can even book movie tickets, book cabs using Uber. However not all features are available on all devices. Certainly features like Pen, Ticket bookings and Uber booking are hardware dependent. Microsoft announced that Cortana will be updated especially for Japan, Australia, and Canada and India (in English) with features customized for each market respectively.

Another set of new features that have arrived to ameliorate Microsoft Edge is the improved security of the new age Web browser. Microsoft Edge brings tab preview which is immensely helpful in checking which websites are opened in which tabs. This way, you don’t need to switch to a different tab to check which website is opened Microsoft Edge is deeply integrated with Cortana and can sync Favorites and Reading list items. Cortana will now notify you of the best coupons from your favorite retailers such as Staples, Macys and Best Buy when shopping in Microsoft Edge.

The first major update for Windows 10 has circumnavigated almost all aspects of business, security and enterprise so that Windows 10 can emerge as the most favorite and most coveted operating system for all business organizations.

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