Microsoft Band 2 has been found to be producing drastically different results from its predecessor Microsoft Band for the same sets of workouts. The article has been published by Neowin which said that Microsoft Band 2 and Microsoft Band were tested for the same sets of workouts and it was found that Microsoft Band 2 estimated heartbeats from 10 beats per minute lower often up to 25 beats lower than the readings of the original Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Band 2 showing results completely different from its predecessor

When Microsoft launched the Band 2 in October, the company announced that the successor of Microsoft Band will be 20% more accurate in calculating the heart beats and calorie counts. The drastic difference between the readings of the two versions of Microsoft Band were compared to a Polar H7 chest-worn monitor and it was found that Microsoft Band 2 showed more accurate results in some cases and worst results in some whereas Band showed accurate in some and less accurate in some. Since Polar H7 chest monitor is a highly accurate device, hence its readings were used as a reference. So that left a big question as which device to trust for health related stuffs.

It was found that the original Band takes better reading when tracking high-intensity workouts with little to no rest. Again Band 2 does far better job in tracking workouts that don’t quite push the user from a cardiovascular standpoint. So the accuracy of both the devices vary from exercise to exercise.

Source: Neowin


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