Unlike past times, Desktop and Mobile platforms are close to each other in terms of functionality. In earlier times, the desktop OS platform differed widely from that of the mobile platform. Things have changed and the two companies that have taken the biggest initiative in merging desktop and phone platforms are Google and Apple. In this context, it’s to mention that Microsoft is now trying to merge its Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile platforms.

Microsoft brining an important feature of iPhone and Mac to Windows 10
Microsoft bringing an important feature of iPhone and Mac to Windows 10

Apple has deployed a very useful feature among its devices known as Handoff. The handoff feature enables users to switch between one platform to another in a swipe of finger. For example, you have opened a web page on your Macbook that you want to open with your iPhone. You can do it in the easiest possible way with Handoff feature. Similarly, the document file you were editing in Macbook can be opened from iPad in a blink of eye. The feature sound amazing-isn’t it?

A similar feature is on its way with Windows 10. The information came from a user on Reddit who said that a new option has appeared with one of the new Insider Builds. The option says, “Let apps on your other devices launch apps and continue experiences on this device over Bluetooth. Changes to this setting will apply to everyone that uses this device.” The feature can be turned on or off.

The feature is not yet fully implemented so it cannot be tested, but it seems that Microsoft is trying to bring its own version of handoff for Windows 10 users.


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