Microsoft Bringing Graphical Linux Apps With GPU Support In Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system offers a full-scale Windows Subsystem intended for Linux for running Linux software applications. The subsystem is very efficient and robust from the very beginning. Now, the Redmond based tech giant is empowering this built-in Linux Kernel with graphical Linux desktop applications as well as GPU hardware acceleration compatibility.  

The entire project is in the developer stage right now. So, developers can run integrated dev environment for Linux in Windows ecosystem. Another intriguing information is that the Windows subsystem for Linux will deploy machine learning and parallel computation for ameliorating the hardware acceleration technology.

This is not the first-time developers will be availing this feature. Before, it was possible to run graphical Linux desktop on Windows operating system, but with the aid of third party X servers. Now, you no longer need to rely on third party services. Microsoft is all into creating a platform to run the graphical apps for Linux. So, enjoy the GPU support on Windows 10!

Windows 10 Build 2020 is coming soon, and Microsoft is not leaving any stone unturned. The company is also working hard in enhancing the experience of a Windows subsystem on a Linux platform. Thus, you can accomplish it simply by running the wsl.exe -installcommand. Windows Insiders users will be able to check these features once Microsoft starts rolling them in the Insider Builds.


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