As we progress into the 21st-century, there’s been more and more demand for digital business arms, as well as new applications for emerging technologies. Nobody wants to be left behind when it comes to the tech world. If you have any kind of marketing business, and you don’t have a platform to digitize, You might want to do so. Online, especially the cloud-based operations, are saving people millions of dollars every day. So how does one start moving their business to the cloud? Here will explore the best option, as well as how it can be beneficial for every business – especially yours.

Kartra, Your Cloud-Based Solution 

Fortunately for us, there are all-in-one platforms that can truly do it all. Kartra is a marketing-oriented cloud software that allows you to have control of your reach from anywhere in the world. It’s especially useful if you already have an online business. It gained its reputation primarily as an e-commerce system, but it is absolutely more than that. There’s so many features and an easy to use dashboard that can be applied to any business’ marketing department. What separates Kartra from other cloud-based software is that, aside from being the most efficient, it really does direct you towards a more goal-oriented focus by way of its organization. That, for the user, is a tremendous advantage over old and outdated systems. 

Why Kartra?

Kartra’s success is perfected through what we call the sales funnel. The sales funnel plays out the theoretical journey of an individual, from the time they address a “problem“, the introduction of your product to solve that problem, and the eventual sale. Kartra covers every single aspect of that process from start to finish with its intuitive design and tools. If you have a product to sell, using Katra solves all of the gaps in between awareness of your product, and the “buy” button.

Product Awareness

Spreading awareness of your product can be managed by Kartra’s video content management and email marketing templates. This is where you put yourself and your product out there with their easy to use video hosting features. Your email marketing management will help you put out the right tone, the best links, and the highest value content available. It manages the lists, the subscribes, and everything in between. All of this is stored in individualized projects titled “my campaigns”. That way, you can track the style, approach, and product that you’re pitching. This allows you to track leads and serve potential buyers all the better.

Sequence Management 

Going further down the sales funnel, you can use Kartra to initiate a sequence. Kartra even has its own “my sequences“ feature that allows you to track a potential buyer and control the content that they see to get them further down the funnel. Now, every sequence has a start. For some, a sequence could be purchased from an affiliated website or your own. This, of course, doesn’t have to be the only start to your sequence. If you blog, or function on a membership basis, that might be your start. Clicking the subscribe button and gaining access to their email could be the start of an entire sequence on its own. For instance, if a person signs up to your website, they may get a free PDF. From there, there is more information that can be accessed for a fee. Further down the funnel, adding the product to the cart may trigger a series of emails. Once they decide to purchase, this initiates a thank you email. This is a very common sequence that is not industry standard all around the Internet.

Customer Service 

The most underrated part of every business, and the one that leaves lasting impressions on all clients and customers, is customer service. Fortunately, Kartra has an advanced help desk feature. Through the software, your customers can contact you at the hours in which you are available. It interfaces with Skype, telephone, and can even handle live chats. If your service requires some technical know-how, this is the perfect feature to help your customers.

Having an all-around cloud-based software greatly minimizes the amount of stress and the amount of moving parts to your business. It lets you focus on the things that you need to focus on, without dwindling on the minutia. Because of this, you can advance your product, or even create a new one. Any and all time that this frees up is good for business, and ultimately, good for you.


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