Microsoft Azure has announced its future plan to bolster cloud hybridization. The main aspect of cloud hybridization is obviously that is will be a combination of the two types of cloud service available to us- the private and public clouds. Another new quality is that it will be able to cut down the intricacies of different cloud services and provide an open-to-all platform for customers, economy and will yield unputdownable speed.

Microsoft Azure opens new dimensions in cloud hybridization

First of all let’s have a brief understanding about a public and a private cloud. A public cloud has a holistic approach for the common mass and hence it’s easily scalable. This means it gives you access to documents which is coherently used by the common masses. The files which are included for public cloud are emails, photos, documents, videos etc. These are the files we use in our daily lives.

Coming to private cloud, private cloud is actually an internalized cloud which mainly pivots on security. Huge companies, agencies and government sectors require high security and control. Automation in private cloud is prioritized in order to increase the manageability and predictability of the system. Private clouds are kept behind a firewall for improved security services.

Now that you’ve got a brief idea about the two clouds, it’ll be easier for you to understand the cloud hybridization- which will be efficiently a mixture of two. It will inculcate the qualities of both private and public clouds. This combined effect will improve the overall design environment.

As we understand that the requirements of public and private cloud is different, the scaling would be also different. To make you understand the concept of hyperscaling, let me give you a simple analogy. Suppose you have a container which can contain 10 balls, but suddenly you need to contain 100 balls. So definitely you need to arrange for a bigger container. But once you scale up to a big box, you find that not always you need to stuff large number of balls. So a probable solution to mitigate the space problem is introducing a flexible box which can increase and decrease its size accordingly. So this is the basic concept of hyperscaling in cloud hybridization.

Microsoft has always proclaimed that customers are the cynosure of their business and hence Microsoft Azure is taking up this new challenge of Cloud Hybridization.


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