With every passing day, we are getting aware of the utility of a cloud system. Hence Microsoft has thought about it very devotedly in making an operating system for cloud computing known as Windows Nano Server. Cloud computing is the new emerginf technology that is making our life easier. We can keep all our important files and folders, documents and pictures, videos and movies in our cloud account. Several cloud services are available on our account. Several popular cloud services are there like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc. Hence, Microsoft has thought of making a dedicated operating system Windows Nano Server, for this technology so that the OS will provide speed, seamless performance and many more. Nano Server is highly refactored operating system purposefully developed for Cloud computers and their workflow

The main purpose of developing this operating system is to provide better resource utilization, enhanced security, fewer patch and updates, faster restarts and many more.
As written in Microsoft’s official blog, the focus will be on the following two criteria:

1. Born-in-the-cloud applications – support for multiple programming languages and runtimes. (e.g. C#, Java, Node.js, Python, etc.) running in containers, virtual machines, or on physical servers.

2. Microsoft Cloud Platform infrastructure – support for compute clusters running Hyper-V and storage clusters running Scale-out File Server.

Users can install the Nano Server components only which they need. Nano Server will provide 93 percent lower VHD size, 92 percent fewer critical bulletins and 80 percent fewer reboots.

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