Microsoft is aiming to launch a new version of Windows 8.1 known as Windows 8.1 with Bing. This new OS
Is targeted towards OEMs. It will allow them to build lower-cost Windows devices. The OS Internet Explorer will be powered by Bing search that’s Bing will be the default search engine of the browser. But once you get the OS, you can change the search engines according to your own wish. We came to know that OEMs are already working on devices using the OS. Any change in hardware if required would be brought to you in next coming weeks.

Microsoft has a strong vision of making Windows 8.1 reach more users worldwide. Recently, Microsoft started giving a special program to users known as Bing rewards that allows you to gain points while using Bing and then redeem at later points of time. Now we hear that the new SKU is getting powered by Bing Search. So the agenda is clear I.e attracting more and more people to accept Windows 8.1. So now more applications and transactions will take place in the Windows Store. Microsoft is not leaving a single stone upturned to enhance the user base for its products which will motivate developers with a larger number of Windows patrons for their premium applications.


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