Bing rewards is a program initiated by Microsoft that allows you to earn credits when you search internet using Bing Search. The rewards come in the form of points that accumulates in your account every time you use Bing Search. The more you search, the more points get credited. You can redeem these points later on to purchase gifts from gift cards, OneDrive extra storage. There are also plenty of contests where you can participate.
Bing search is promoted greatly by this Bing Rewards initiative. According to Bing Rewards, it’s helping users in “taking advantage of daily offers which help you discover about the many ways in which Bing helps you get things done. Then visit the redemption center whenever you’re ready to redeem your credits for a selection of great rewards.”

Bing Rewards for Windows Phone 8.1 gets official

Just few weeks back users were rewarded mobile credits when they used Bing search in their Windows Phones 8.1. But then Bing Rewards had Windows Phone listed as “coming soon” on their site. But now it has listed Windows Phone 8.1 on their support page. So as Windows Phone 8.1 is officially facilitated by Bing Rewards, you will get points whenever you use Cortana. Bing Rewards Dashboard settings let you see the ‘Mobile Search’ under Rewards and under History. Previously two issues were encountered regarding Windows phones and restriction from non-US regions. The first problem is sorted but the service is yet to be active in other non US regions.

There were two issues though with Bing Rewards. For one, it didn’t work on Windows Phone (yet it did on iOS and Android via their apps) and two, it’s not available in a lot of non-US regions. The former issue is fixed, though we’re still yet to see Rewards expanded elsewhere. Launched back in 2010, Bing Rewards is a neat little promotion that hopefully helps some users switch from Google to the better Bing experience.


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