Nowadays every content based website keeps Share buttons that let you share the content directly over social networking media. When we like an article, a video, a song or an image, we share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, WhatsApp and so on. The process becomes simple when there is a dedicated button for each of the social networks. Now that we already have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp share button, we don’t need to copy the website URL and then paste it in your social media account. You can simply do it with a tap of a finger.

Microsoft adds website Share button for Skype

Microsoft thought why not Skype then? Skype is one of the leading video conference, phone and messenger app used by a huge number of users. So from now on whenever you are chatting over Skype and talking about a particular topic with a friend, you can share articles and website URLs directly by using the Skype Share button.

In collaboration with and (in India), Microsoft has launched the Skype Share button. So right now you can find the new feature in these two websites.


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