Dreams are getting new horizon in the eyes of Microsoft. Yes, with the magical combination of small mobile and a giant interactive screen, future world is probably the most awaited event for human beings. Microsoft has launched a video in perspective of its vision and it depicts beautifully the brilliance of this interactive technology that Microsoft is dreaming of. We don’t know yet, if we will be fortunate enough to witness this epitome of technology but I just loved the video and couldn’t wait to share my views regarding the video. There will be a point of time when we will be surrounded by another invisible layer of atmosphere- a calm and quiet atmosphere of technology.

Microsoft future tech

In 5-10 years, the world will see the perfect blend of physical world with digital world. The idea is that your home, workplace or even bedroom will contain a giant screen which will provide you the medium of interaction. You will have to connect your mobile or tablet and project the interactive session at the room walls or a projector screen. The interactive screen not only incorporates touch technology but also voice detection and recognition technology which will decode your instructions, act accordingly and then deliver you a result which is comprehensible to human beings in real time.
For example, you want to view your product details and move the product review, all you have to do is connect your tablet with the interactive screen, open your project and instruct vocally and your instructions will be followed. The video shows a man doing the same.

Live work play through Microsoft

Well now coming back to home, it indeed will become a master piece if realized any day. You can keep tracks of your everyday life, post pictures, organize your to do lists. But the magic starts from here. You consult with the screen that what dishes can be made out of the vegetables you have at your refrigerator. The computer detects the vegetables and displays in front of you a long list of related recipes. Not only that but you can view videos of famous chefs on screen and cook while learning. The most advantageous aspect is that the projection screen can be anything, a table, a wall, a screen and so on. From video conferencing to visualizing our own stories in forms of animation, life will become more enjoyable and cherishing.

Microsoft in future

But now the question arises, that with these innumerable excellent facilities to work up to the expectation, the cost that the computers will carry, how can it become a common mass object? We doubt that. Previously Intel brought a concept like this called the “Carry Small, Live Large” which has not yet been possible to realize. Again Microsoft’s “Home for Future” also visions for the same concept. The giant screen incorporates the features of a Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall.

Microsoft after Windows 8

Explaining in brief a Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall is an 81″ x 48″ titanic monitor that was invented by Jeff Han and the monitor finds utility as a multi-touch sensitive device. The computers as visualized in Live, Work, Play are programmed to follow the voice signals. So this will be a matter of sensitive communication which will further raise the cost. But ignoring all the economics and logic for now, why not welcome a technology and wait for its advent?


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