Windows have really been going through the motions the last couple of weeks with an abundance of issues causing chaos for its users.

One particularly problem update was the KB4515384 update. It was developed to stop CPU spikes that Windows users were experiencing at the beginning of the month. However, once users installed the update, a myriad of problems came heading their way.

Some people’s screens were turning orange/red, specifically those using Lenovo laptops, which Lenovo is said to have fixed through a software update.

Others were unable to use the Windows 10 search engine and start menu. Gamers were also reporting problems with their audio, and, to top it off their USB ports were also not working properly.

I’m not done yet either, some poor users were getting hit where it really hurt as the bug continuously kept causing both ethernet and WiFi connections to disconnect.

Tech expert Valentina Huertas, who is based out of the Latin American hub for consumer advice, expressed her concerns to us. “These issues with Microsoft’s updates are causing businesses like ourselves to suffer, and it’s not just limited to one place, it’s a global issue.” She said. “Having no internet, or experiencing tech issues with our hardware isn’t fun at the best of times as we’ve become heavily reliant on having a constant connection to the word. But when it affects our workday, it makes it that little bit worse, we can’t complete our tasks and we ultimately end up losing revenue” she continued.

Huertas wasn’t alone in her angst; of course, people took to Reddit to vent, which, without trying to sound heartless gave me a bit of a giggle at times. Reddit users do have a way with words when it comes to venting about anything in life really. User CobraMerde blamed Microsoft’s quality control for all the issues, describing it as “Garbage”.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Nevertheless, despite the whole Windows platform being somewhat of a warzone, tech-savvy users were around to save the day with some workarounds, which Life Hacker published last week. Additionally, Windows has now just released a bunch of new updates today which are said to fully fix the myriad of issues we’ve all been facing.

Most notably, they’ve fixed an internet explorer which was causing security concerns.

However, judging by their track record for the last couple of weeks, and, even months, to be honest, I’d recommend waiting a few days before installing these updates. Of course, Microsoft insists on them as they state regular updates eliminate the chances of any extreme vulnerability threats. However, a couple of weeks shouldn’t do too much harm and I’m sure if there are any more issues, we will get wind of it in the next day or so.  



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