windows terminal

Windows Terminal is a productive advanced terminal application dedicated for command line users. Recently, Microsoft has released a preview version of Windows Terminal tool which consolidates the command line, PowerShell and Azure Cloud Shell. The new preview version is version 1909. It has switched the version syntax in order to remain in sync with that of Windows 10 release.  

The preview version packs a new font style, called the Cascadia Code released last week. This new font will be downloaded automatically along with Windows Terminal. Thus, don’t worry about downloading the font. Another new feature of the Windows Terminal is the settings schema which facilitates autofill suggestions when editing the profiles.json file. There is a new thing for Stylus users as well. They can now select text without a mouse. Besides, the ALt+F4 shortcut is now keybind for closing the Windows Terminal window.

Apart from that, the Preview version of Windows Terminal also brings a plethora of major and minor bug fixes and improvements. For example, a bug causing the Terminal to crash when copying text, has been fixed. An improvement has been made to the drop-down menu for new tabs. It will also now surface any WSL distributions installed for better use.

You can download Windows Terminal from Microsoft Store or GitHub. Windows Terminal will be complete by the end of this year, as confirmed by Microsoft. 


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