KAZAM had been in partnership with Microsoft previously and launched several Windows Phones in the past. KAZAM CEO James Atkins was interviewed at the Mobile World Congress 2015 where he himself talked about their committed partnership with Microsoft. However when asked about their upcoming projects, Atkins chose not to spill the beans. All he said was that the partnership will continue and might bring Windows 10 Mobile phones.

KAZAM confirms Windows 10 Phones and partnership with Microsoft

KAZAM is still small company based on Britain. It was launched by two former HTC executives in 2013. Owing to its nacent state, the resources are limited and hence it’s difficult to throw light on upcoming phones at this moment. KAZAM is right now focusing on Windows 10 Mobiles as a part of its partnership with Microsoft.

Atkins said, “To replicate our proposition on Windows Phone is tricky because everything is built for Android. We are working with [Microsoft] to get our proposition on Windows Phone. It is tricky but they are working with us to deliver it because, I think, they believe in our proposition as well.”

Windows 10 Mobile will still take some time to reach the market, atleast not before the end of this year. Atkins also said, “Windows is not as aggressively priced as Android… but it’s a nicer sell. The Windows platform has been designed for multi-screen – laptop, tablet, Windows Phone – and it’s a nice story to communicate.”


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