What’s New in Version iSkysoft Data Recovery 4.0.0

iSkysoft Data Recovery is a very popular and efficient data recovery software for Windows and Mac operating system. The software has been revamped to a great extent. The main focus has been put on the user interface. If you have used the application previously, you will be amazed to find the ameliorated UI. The most intriguing feature that has been introduced in the upgrade is the new Intelligent System Crash Recovery. The function of the Intelligent System crash recovery is to recover data from unbootable device with speed and immediate effect. It isn’t something you get in every data recovery software. The upgraded version has integrated a plethora of cutting age technologies such as intelligent ability to handle data loss scenarios, an enhanced success rate better than ever before. The high performance technology has set up the recovery success rate to 98% per cent. Isn’t it amazing?

So, now you know that the iSkysoft Data Recovery is offering some amazing data recovery features, let us dig a deep into the software. As many users might be using the software for the first time. Without knowing the basic traits and functionalities of the software, they won’t be able to compare with the upgraded version. As you all know, our life has been captured in the conundrum of data. Almost cent pet cent documents, pictures, videos in our life are in digital data format. So, there is an alarming risk of losing this data. There are copious instances during which a computer might lose data. This includes sudden system crash, recycle bin empty by mistake, Shift+Delete items by mistake, virus attacks and auto download of malicious software, lost partition, formatted drive, etc..

Robust Data Recovery Approach

The iSkysoft Data Recovery software takes complete responsibility in retrieving data deleted from your PC. It addresses the Recycle Bin recovery and shift+delete recovery with utmost efficiency. The application can also revive lost data from a wide range of devices like SD card, external hard drives, USB flash drives, external disks, digital camera, MP3 and MP4 players, damaged partitions and even unbootable dead devices.

Quick Scan and Deep Scan

iSkysoft deploys two types of scanning procedures during its recovery process. One is the Quick scan and the other one is the deep scan. The quick scan process is crisp and scans your device very quickly. It mainly scans documents, text files, images, and those files which have not been overwritten by another file. With deep scan, the success rate of recovery is extremely high. It delves deep into every memory space and bring out even the most unreachable data fragments.

Humanized Preview Ability

The software is user friendly in every aspect. It can save your scanning progress when you pause in the process. It saves the data retrieve. You can resume the scanning and recovery process anytime you want. In addition to this, the humanized preview ability allows you to check the files recovered, the quality and content of the photos, documents, emails in real time. You can also check if the file type recovered is valid or not. The data will be displayed with original structures and name.

iSkysoft Data Recovery 4.0.0 is an exceptionally smart recovery app that is a one stop destination for all sorts of critical data recovery situations. You can further learn how to perform iSkysoft Data Recovery for Windows completely


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