A Virtual Private Network or VPN connects two remote computers, sites or servers securely using Public network (mainly internet). With the help of the VPN an employee can easily access the Intranet of his organization from anywhere, outside of his office. vpn CAN BE USED FOR MULTIPLE PURPOSES. Suppose you are traveling to a different country, and you want to watch your favourite shows on Netflix. But the country you are presently traveling in, does not showcase the shows you are searching for. What to do? In that case you can use VPN connections. VPN works like a tunnel and channelizes your connectivity to your preferred server. So, if you want to watch shows exclusive for USA, then you have to use VPN of that country.

Steps To Add A VPN Connection In Windows 10?

1. First press the Windows key from your keyboard or simply click on the Start Menu. Now click on the gear icon to go to Settings.
windows 10 settings
2. Now go to Network and Internet.

network and internet

3. In the left panel, you will find an option called VPN. Click on it.
vpn menu
4. In the right panel, Add a VPN Connection . Tap on it.

5. Enter details of you VPN service provider.
vpn details
6. Click on Save.

That’s all!


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