The article presents some easy-to-follow guidelines for printer driver installation with Windows 8 operating system.

For proper functioning, printers need driver software. Printer drivers are programs that communicate between applications and printer by translating the computer information into commands that the printer recognizes.

As all the basic drivers are in-built in Windows 8, you can directly start your printer even if your drivers are not installed.

In most of the cases, computers running on Windows 8 operating system will automatically recognize the new printer attached and you can start working. However, if your printer drivers are outdated, incompatible, or damaged your computer will not detect and install the printer automatically. In this scenario, you will need to install the latest printer drivers yourself.

To install the printer drivers on computers running Windows 8 operating system, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • In the Start screen, click on Desktop icon.
  • Click Libraries icon in task bar to open the Library window.
  • On the left pane, click on Computers icon and then click Open Control Panel icon. This will open the Control Panel window.
  • In the Control Panel window, click Hardware and Sound icon.
  • In the next window, right-click on Printers. A box will appear, then click Printer properties.
  • In the next dialog box, select Advanced tab and then click New Driver button. The Add Printer Driver Wizard window will open.
  • Click Next button and then select the Manufacturer and Printers from the dropdown list and then again click Next button.
  • Click Finish button.
  • Finally, click Apply button and then OK to install the printer drivers on computers running Windows 8 operating system.

However, you can also install the printer drivers by using the disc, if your printer is available with a disc. But as discs get outdated soon, its better to try the other options first.


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