The new government in India has started the Make in India campaign that aims to promote nation made products in the country rather than relying blindly on foreign products. Such an endeavour was taken up by the Government of India to fight the consecutive cyber threats it encountered by Chinese hackers. India is reportedly on her way to launch her own operating system- the BOSS. BOSS is the acronym of BHARAT OPERATING SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. Since many days India Government was reported of cyber attacks by Chinese and Russian hackers and the latest attack was done on India’s own space research center’s ISRO’s website. After that, the government has decided to launch BOSS in government workstations replacing all other operating systems which include the Windows Operating system.

India to launch its own operating system BOSS that will replace Windows operating system in Government sectors

Windows OS was used in all business and government work fields. BOSS has been undergoing extensive testing procedure and has been surviving many harmful cyber threats. This has given rise to hope. Edward Snowden, one of the most popular whistleblowers has reported that India has been under the prying eyes of US intelligence agencies for a long time. Finally India resolved to make its own Operating system.

Check out the salient features of BOSS:

1. BOSS was being developed since 3 to 4 years appropriately. The final version of BOSS has been improved by C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing). The OS security strength and other vital properties will be discussed in the meeting to be held by Union Home Ministry this week.

2. BOSS was a free and open source OS but new codes have been written afresh which are specific only to the interest and integrity of BOSS.

3. BOSS is a Linux based OS and has been developed with the help of Gujarat Technical University and DRDO along other private organizations.

4. After passing the cyber attack tests from several security organizations including Indian Army Intelligence, the OS will be submitted to the Department of Electronics and Information technology (DEITY) for further brush ups.

5. BOSS will support 18 Indian languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam etc.

6. Since users will be using BOSS for the first time, C-DAC has initiated 3-tier support centre and will hopefully extend its support service to its customers through a 24×7 help desk.

Since the government is claiming that BOSS will provide a rock solid security to people, from Microsoft’s perspective, it will eventually lose the huge market of Windows OS. India finally adopted the footstep of China of innovating its standalone OS. India has been lagging behind in associated fields but the launch of BOSS will give it a big boost.

S. Ramakrishnan, Director General, C-DAC told in a press conference about the multifarious benefits of an open sourcing operating system. C-DAC had also entered into a pact with National Informatics Centre and State Governments of Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Kerala and Bihar and BOSS will be made operational in the e-governance functions.

Source: DNA


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