HTC is launching a new Windows Phone which will be an alter ego of the much popular and promising HTC One M8. The specifications are more or less same for both the devices. But even though the specs are kept same for both the devices one feature has been marked that decided the winner. It’s the battery longevity. Yes even though the battery is 2600 mAh for both the devices, yet the talk time is far better for Windows Phone than the Android counterpart.

HTC One M8 is beaten by the battery life of its alter ego from Windows Phone

The information has been extracted from the the website of HTC itself. The Windows Phone will have talk time of 22 hrs and standby time of 528 hrs whereas the Android HTC One M8 is found to have 20 hrs of talk time and 496 hours standby time. So definitely of you are not an Android fanboy you can make a decision which one to choose in case you are stuck in a dilemma. If switching the OS can revamp the battery life by 10% then why not?

But before you rush to get the Windows Phone let me tell you that Android has more versatility and flexibility from developers compared to Windows Phone. The reason behind the extended battery life is definitely the restricted support for Windows Phones. So before purchasing make it a point to get your needs decided. Android has the best smartphone ecosystem among all the leading OS. But if battery is the only priority to you then, well, go for the Windows Phone.


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