Windows 10 has introduced the Windows Background feature which displays beautiful images in your lock screen. The images change every day depending on the settings customized on your computer. The feedback service also asks you if you are interested in such pictures to know if they should push more such background images. You won’t need to turn off the Background but still if you want to save more power in your laptop, or are not fond of the background images, then you can easily turn it off.

Steps to turn off Windows Background in Windows 10 Build 1511

1. Open Start menu, go to Settings.


2. Now tap on Ease of Access.

ease of access

3. Go to Other Options.

Other options

4. Under Visual Options, check out the option Show Windows Background. By default it’s turned on. If you want’t to turn it off, move the slider from right to left. If the option turns into grey color, it means Windows Background has been turned off. If you want to turn it on back, move the slider from left to right.

windows background


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