This tutorial will give you hands-on guide to record what you hear in Windows 8.

Record sound in windows

You may want to record some audio being played, which can’t be downloaded simply or may want to record the audio being played on screen. In that case follow the steps gives below to accomplish that.

I. Install Virtual Cable

Virtual Audio Cable transfers sound from one channel to other. It takes the computer as a virtual audio device. Download Virtual Audio Cable
from here.

II. Install Audacity

Audacity helps you to record audio from a virtual channel. Here we will record the audio from the virtual channel created by Virtual Audio cable. Download
Audacity from here.

III. Set Virtual Audio Cable as Default

Step 1. You will see a music icon at the bottom right corner of the desktop screen. Click on Recording devices.

open recording devices

Step 2. Now, if you don’t see Line 1, then right click on the window appearing next and select Show Disabled Devices.

show disabled devices

This will make the option Line 1 available for you, then right click on Line 1 and enable it.
Else you don’t need to do anything.

enable line1

IV. Start the audio play


V. Record the audio

Step 1. open Audacity and navigate to Edit -> Preferences.

open preference

Step 2. select Line 1 from the menu in the recording portion click on OK.

select audio line

Step 3. Now, click on the red recording button. It will start recording from the virtual audio line.

start recording

Step 4. When you want to stop, do so by clicking the stop button.

Step 5. For saving the audio, you have to navigate to File -> Export. You are done. Following these steps you can easily record what you here in windows 8.

export file

You will be asked to choose proper format to save that file.



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